What exactly makes digital clocks speed up when the power supply is weak?

Answer There was probably an instability in the wiring due to he previous box. This instability could cause the oscillator inside the clock to malfunction thus changing the speed of the clock, in your cas... Read More »

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What happens when you supply too much voltage to an amp exactly?

Most likely you have killed the preamp's power-supply. Modern preamps or other electronics use what they call a switch-mode power supply, and can run on any voltage, anywhere in the world, with no... Read More »

What type of power supply connector is used to supply power to the floppy drive?

The power connectors for floppy drives come from the same four-wire bundle that powers all of the other internal IDE drives. Older 5.25" floppy drives connect via the standard four-socket D-shaped ... Read More »

What is the reason that makes OLED TV need only little power to operate I heard that OLED TV uses less power than the other LCD TVs when compared What makes them so power efficient?

OLED TV works on pixel emission concept and not on the backlight concept. So it takes less amount of power as compare LCD TV.

When did digital clocks start?

Digital clocks have been around since 1956. These were the first clocks that were powered just through electricity. In the beginning, digital clocks were just for telling time, then over time some ... Read More »