What exactly is the ISO of a camera?

Answer ISO is a measurement of the sensitivity to light of a light sensitive surface, either film or a digital sensor. The lower the ISO (25, 50, 100) the less sensitive. The higher the ISO (200, 400, 800... Read More »

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What is 'long shutter' Does every camera have it How exactly do you use it?

The shutter is the thing that opens up to allow light to hit the film or digital sensor. Long shutter means that the shutter will be open for a while, and thus let lots of light in. This is useful ... Read More »

Why, exactly, can't I use alkaline batteries in my camera?

Firstly - the best batteries for your money to use are NiMH rechargeables, if you have to go with AA or AAA sizes.Now answering your question - you can use Alkaline batteries, and they will not hur... Read More »

Is it true that a 10 megapixel shot would look exactly the same as a 3 MP shot from the same camera?

This answer gets more complicated each time I think about it.If you display the pix at 100%, The 3MP shot will require scrolling about 25% horizontally and vertically, whereas the 10MP shot will re... Read More »

When exactly is the new Direct TV Tivo DVR coming out I know it's later this year but does anyone know exactly when and for how much?

I know it has been pushed back to 2010 (re: send part of 2009 is out the window).Hopefully... the delay will mean they are waiting to use their newest series 4 tech in the direct tv box....Cost, do... Read More »