What exactly is dental 'bonding'?

Answer Dental bonding is a procedure where the dentist will have to bond (glue) a rezine plastic material or porcelan onto your tooth. First they apply acid etching to make the surface rough then they rin... Read More »

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Dental bonding- is this normal?

The purpose of the wedge is to make sure no bonding or filling material gets beneath your gums which can cause problems including discomfort and possible future bone loss. Even though you're in a l... Read More »

Can you get dental bonding before molars are removed?

Yes it is possible.I am 24 and I was same problem.By dental bonding now I am ok.

How much does cosmetic dental bonding cost?

The cost of cosmetic dental bonding ranges from about $300 to $600 for each tooth the dentist works on. The cost can depend on where the patient lives and how much work the patient needs performed ... Read More »

Is high intensity light used during dental bonding procedures harmful in early pregnancy?

Answer No, It can be damaging to the eyes. If you still worry about this ask your dentist or opticion he or she will know