What exactly is an i-Pod, how does it work and is it easy to use?

Answer An iPod is a range personal music players from Apple, which plays MP3s (ipod Shuffles) and MP3/MP4s (iPod Nanos, Classic's and Touchs).It works by transferring files from a computer to your iPod. M... Read More »

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What exactly is a weight loss cleanse How does it work And which is the best out there?

Cleansing and flushing your body is much like getting an oil change for your car. After a certain number of miles, or rather months of processed foods, food dyes, chemicals and fats, it's important... Read More »

How exactly does Google Voice work?

I tried this and it fits my needs.

How exactly does eBay and PayPal work!!?

When someone wins your auction, they'll use PayPal to pay you. The money will go into a PayPal account and then you'll transfer it to your bank account. Since you have a new account, PayPal will ... Read More »

What color EXACTLY is this girls hair *Pretty Easy 10 Points*?

I would say either a dark chestnut or a chocolate brown color. You could show your stylist/colorist a picture of the girl, though, just to be safe.