What exactly is a four loco drink?

Answer Its a drink that contains :Cranberry juiceLime juicePeach SchnappsRumYou Pour into a shaker w/ ice, shake, and strain into a highball filled with ice. Add a wedge of lime.BINGO :)

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How much does a bottle of UV cake cost and four loco ?

uv cost under 15 dollars and four loco cost about 3 dollars

What is the drink Red Bull exactly?

Red Bull is the brand name of an Austrian carbonated soft drink. Sold as an energy drink to combat mental and physical fatigue, it contains, per 250 ml serving, about 27 grams of sugar(glucose, suc... Read More »

What, exactly, is a non-alcoholic drink?

It's a drink for a non-alcoholic. Alcoholics go to meetings, and say stuff like, "I'm blah blah, I'm an alcoholic." Then everyone cries about their crappy lives.If you don't do that, then every d... Read More »

What kind of drink is ripple exactly?

Very very cheap wine.....also known as bumwine!Here's a fun website for you.