What to do concussion?

Answer I've thought I've had concussions before from being kicked in my temple... What I do if I can't have someone wake me up every few hours I set an alarm on my phone for every hour so that I wake up. ... Read More »

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What to do if you get a concussion?

GO TO THE HOSPITAL... NOW DON'T WAIT. If your concussion is even mild and you go to sleep or passout or do certain routine actions you will most likely go unto a coma. That u probly wont wake up fr... Read More »

What is wrong Is it a concussion?

Yes it is a concussion you better go to the doctor and get ur head check before its gets some damage. Relax from playing football that what makes it worse.

What is concussion is this it?

The inital falling off and hitting your head isn't concussion, it's the after math that refers to concussion. Doctors rate concussion from mild to severe. Because you have only mild concussion they... Read More »

What is a concussion and the symptoms?

A concussion is basically a type of head injury. the brain gets bruised from the impact. depending upon the severity of the impact you could have memory loss, studdering, vision problems, dizzyness... Read More »