What exactly is Tofu?

Answer Tofu looks like some kind of white cheese, but it is much softer, there are three kinds (firm, medium firm, extra firm) It does not have a strong smell or taste to it, it is made from soy Read More »

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I accidentally froze tofu and LOVE the texture change; why isn't freezing tofu recommended more?

I don't know why the package recommends against it. When I first became vegetarian, everything I read suggested freezing your tofu to improve the texture (I also drain the water before freezing an... Read More »

Is non refrigerated tofu "real" tofu...?

Don't consume tofu as its very controversial food. Studies have shown that it lowers testosterone levels in males. Also, Soy beans are naturally toxic to humans, but they're harmless when they go ... Read More »

How could anyone EAT TOFU?

Then you haven't had it prepared correctly. Tofu can be marinated just like meat, and easily takes on flavors. I love it cooked into Pad Thai - spicy and delicious.

How do you like your tofu?

It can be used in many ways. I know the brand you've got, it's pretty firm - try the smoked version as well.My preferred way to use it is to squeeze out excess moisture, then chop the tofu into squ... Read More »