What was the name of the old children's tv show that featured a talking boot male and a talking shoe female the show was about reading i believe?

Answer The show was called "Readalong."

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What exactly is "the colony" about?

In 2045, the Earth is hit with the next ice-age which forces any survivors to live in underground bunkers. Basically there are two Colonies left. Colony 7, and Colony 5. Short on supplies, and plag... Read More »

How can you contact Dr Phil about your daughter who is so depressed she is talking about suicide and she is four months pregnate?

At age 19, she became a news anchor for a CBS television station that was local.

What is gear People keep talking about it.?

hey pappy.....this is an easy one to answer,.....ONLY GEARBOXES WEAR "GEAR"you know,the little fruitcakes on thier singer sewing machines that wear 1 or 2 piece outfits that have to match thier bik... Read More »

What is paul talking about in romans chapter 7?

The seventh chapter of Romans is possibly one of the most debated chapters in the New Testament. What is this inner conflict to which Paul refers? The answer lies in dissecting the words he used in... Read More »