What exactly is Google Wave?

Answer Another form of social networking like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Orkut, but meant more to integrate everything you do into one common place. For example, right now you can use Picasa to host ... Read More »

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What exactly does "Google it" mean?

It means go to google that is a web search engine put in the question and then some answers should come up. Its now become a name used for most search engines like hoover for vacumn.I prefer yahoo... Read More »

Can anyone tell me if Google + is a streaming video get to gather or what it is exactly?

Google plus is the totally opposite of that. It is a social network that integrates with twitter Facebook and YouTube. Google plus in my opinion is the best social network and is growing larger.Hop... Read More »

What exactly is IDD in electronics could not able to find in Wikipedia or google search.?

try this website maybe it will help

What exactly is bing I know its a search engine but why is it been all-over tv Google dosent do it.?

It's a search engine. That's all it is. The reason it has so many commercials on TV is because Google literally dominates the search engine market. The only way Microsoft could possibly get a piece... Read More »