What does"cliche"mean in English?

Answer A cliché is an unoriginal idiom or adage that demonstrates a lack of creativity on the part of the user. "Life's a beach" would be an example of a cliché. Trite, hackneyed, overly familiar and pr... Read More »

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Is an Anchor tattoo cliche?

I think it's a great, beautiful idea! i used to suffer from depression and cutting as well and was thinking about getting that tattoo! On your wrist, i would get it facing you so it could be a remi... Read More »

How to Rejuvenate a Cliche for Creative Writing?

Inspiration is hard to come by in a world where everything you think of seems to have been done already. The truth? It probably has. But even the most reiterated cliche can be made new with a littl... Read More »

What is your favourite quote from a movie No cliche's......?

"Luke...I am your father!" Empire Strikes Back...instantly memorable!

Whats your favourite anti-vegetarian cliche?

My dad told me I would lose all of my hair. I responded, "So, I will look like you." (I still have most of my hair, and he is still bald.)"You need milk for strong bones," or "Drink you milk to gro... Read More »