What exactly does a calibration dvd do?

Answer The display optimization and set-up discs, aka “calibration” discs, from Video Essentials, Ovation Multimedia, and DisplayMate Technologies will help owners to optimize the Brightness, Contrast... Read More »

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The Calibration of Gauges?

Proper calibration of gauges is important to ensure measurements are accurate. Whether the gauge measures pressure, vacuum, temperature or rpm, the calibration procedure is fundamentally the same. ... Read More »

How to Do Pipette Calibration?

Pipettes are necessary equipment often used in chemical laboratories to measure and transfer specific amount of liquid. Pipettes are essentially narrow tube like equipment with a rubber bulb at the... Read More »

RADAR Gun Calibration Laws?

Radar gun calibration laws vary from state to state and California has its own set of laws all its own. The use of a radar gun is an invaluable tool for local and state law enforcement to catch sp... Read More »

Do Sony televisions need calibration?

The factory settings of Sony televisions are geared toward promoting the display in the store. At home, the display may appear too bright depending on the room lighting. For the best picture possib... Read More »