What exactly does "Google it" mean?

Answer It means go to google that is a web search engine put in the question and then some answers should come up. Its now become a name used for most search engines like hoover for vacumn.I prefer yahoo... Read More »

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How exactly does Google Voice work?

I tried this and it fits my needs.

What does HD mean exactly?

You have to have an HD cord plugged into your TV and if you have satellite or cable you need an HD receiver. If you don't then it will look the same as your regular TV.

What does rip exactly mean?

In computers, to "rip" something means to take data directly off of a CD/DVD, according to Microsoft. Ripping proves beneficial because it allows you to store commonly accessed discs, such as music... Read More »

What exactly does 4-8 ohms mean?

As long as the speakers are in the range of the amplifier, which in your case they are, it will work properly and safely without damaging the speakers. There is nothing to worry with your speaker/a... Read More »