What exactly do I need to fill out the FAFSA?

Answer You can fill out the FAFSA with estimated income and then submit a corrected form once you receive your W-2's. I would contact your employers to ask where the forms are since by law they must send ... Read More »

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At what age can I fill out the FAFSA without parents?

To fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) without a parent, you must be 24 years old or older. You can file before turning 24 if you are married, working on a graduate degree... Read More »

How exactly do you use FAFSA money?

Technically, the FAFSA doesn't actually give you any money. It's a form that tells the schools you apply to what your EFC will be. From that, the financial aid office at the schools to which you a... Read More »

How do I fill out a FAFSA?

go to then you start a new app. answer the question and keep going until you submit it then you will be done very easy..

When can I fill out the fafsa?

Hayley:If you're starting your senior year of high school in a couple of weeks, I'm assuming that you're a year away from beginning college. If my guess is correct, that would mean that you'll be a... Read More »