Are black olives ripe green olives?

Answer Black olives are ripened green olives. Before olives ripen, people can harvest them while still green. The green olives are treated with an alkali to make them less bitter. Black olives are fully r... Read More »

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What color are kalamata olives?

Kalamata olives, a type of olive derived from Greece, is an eggplant shade of purple and is usually a half inch to 1 inch long. The rich flavor of the Kalamata olive makes it a popular topping for ... Read More »

What are the benefits of Spanish olives?

Spain has been one of the world's leading producers of olives since Roman times, with more than 260 varieties of olives grown in its rich soil. The olives possess numerous health benefits, both in ... Read More »

What does it mean to beat olives?

The beating of olives is lingo which refers to how olives were traditionally harvested. Orchard workers place sheets beneath the trees to catch ripe olives, which are then beaten from the branches ... Read More »

In What Kinds of Liquid Should I Store Greek Olives?

Sweet and fruity Greek olives come in several varieties, with differing colors, sizes, flavors and applications. The black, oblong kalamata is one of the most common Greek olives in the U.S., thoug... Read More »