What exact day was the ipod nano invented?

Answer Answer The original iPod nano was launched on September 7, 2005.I don't know if the date of invention is publicly known.

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Who invented the iPod nano?

Brendan Balfour was bornin 1987this ipod was invented by the guy named tony fadell

When was the iPod Nano invented?

When the iPod Nano was Invented The iPod nano was invented by Apple Computer in 2005. It was an improvement over the previous iPod because it uses flash memory instead of a small hard disk, making... Read More »

Why was the iPod Nano invented?

Answer The iPod Nano was invented to make the iPod smaller and lighter, thus more portable, to make it better, by using a flash drive instead of a small hard disk. It also dealt blows to its compe... Read More »

Where was the iPod nano invented?

Answer The iPod nano was probably invented in the USA, though not by Steve Jobs, but it is basically a reduced form of the iPod, so it could have been a team who made it, by trying to make the iPo... Read More »