What evidence is there that pre-school actualy helps out little children?

Answer Yes. Here are a couple of articles:……P.S.- There is a difference between a preschool and a daycare, but daycares... Read More »

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What evidence is there that smoking causes cancer?

The nicotine in cigarette smoke causes an addiction to smoking.Cigarette smoke is a complex mixture of chemicals produced by the burning of tobacco and the additives. The smoke contains tar, which ... Read More »

What evidence is there that Dr Phil is having marital problems?

What is a good Forensics Television show that begins with finding an Unidentified Body with little evidence to who the person is?

personally i like bones and NCIS for the purposes you are looking for. but if you want to watch the best show ever than watch doctor who its is most defiantly the BEST SHOW EVER.

What evidence would the father need to present in a custody hearing to prove that the children were being neglected by their mother?

AnswerBe sure that his ex wife is indeed neglectful of the children because otherwise it's a rotten thing to do. Sometimes ex's are bitter towards each other and will fight over who gets custody of... Read More »