When did Shania Twain become a singer?

Answer Shania Twain, born Eileen Edwards in 1965, began singing in 1973 at the age of 8, according to the Country Music Television website. She debuted her self-titled album in 1993, which marked the begi... Read More »

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What ever happened to the Bird Flu?

What ever happened to HD DVDs?

Most of the movie studios decided to release on Blu-Ray only, or were doing both formats for a while. Consumer uptake on Blu-Ray was higher than HD-DVD, and only one studio was HD-DVD only. When th... Read More »

What ever happened to barney?

people stopped watching the show so it doesn't come on at regular times now. it comes on at about 5:00 or earlier :) why would you know that

What ever happened to the chapelle show?

Dave Chapelle quit. Comedy Central wanted it to continue.