What era was most associated with the efforts to end child labor in the US?

Answer The Fair Labor Act was passed in the late 1930's, but efforts to end child labor were most aggressive in the early 1900's. The great depression was instrumental in ending child labor, only because ... Read More »

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What are the 3 most serious health risks associated with physically inactive adolescents?

Higher death rateDepressionLoss of social independenceSarah

Your 11 yr old child has large hands and feet Is this associated with any kind of disease?

may be due to acromegaly which is due to increased growth hormones.

If an international adoptee (child) is resistant to all efforts by the APs to be connected to their culture...?

I believe as a parent, particularly an adoptive parent, I have a responsibility to weave their original culture into their everyday life, even if that seems unimportant to them at the time. Parents... Read More »

How to Comply With Child Labor Laws?

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) contains provisions that place limits on the employment of youth and ensures that children attend school. The Act went into effect during the 1930’s in the Uni... Read More »