What era in American history was World War II?

Answer World War II began during The Great Depression period of American history. The Great Depression began in 1929, and despite Franklin Delano Roosevelt's persistent attempts through New Deal policies ... Read More »

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How to Appreciate American History?

A bunch of Americans do not know their own history. While people in Europe know more about American History than we do. I know some of you think that History is boring but for some of you that want... Read More »

How to Teach American History?

American history is an important subject, especially in US schools. It is usually taught as social studies in elementary schools and as part of history degree studies at universities. Teachers ofte... Read More »

How to Teach American History Through Art?

History is a tough subject for many students.They think it has to many words and not enough fun. You can break through this barrier by using art in your American history classes. Paintings can prov... Read More »

Changes in Music in American History?

The history of American music can be traced through a series of innovations on the traditions of music from throughout the world. Indeed, due to the unique nature of the melting pot of cultures th... Read More »