What equipment is used in water polo?

Answer Basic water polo equipment consists of a swimming pool with floating goals at each end, a ball, swim cap, swimwear, and mouth guard to protect the players' teeth during competition, according to we... Read More »

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What equipment is needed to play water polo?

To play water polo you will need a ball, swim cap, swimwear and mouth guard. The water polo ball is designed to float and be gripped by players in the pool.References:Western Waterpolo: What Equipm... Read More »

Can you wear glasses in water polo?

Glasses can be worn when playing polo, but they must have shatterproof lenses and straps to hold them in place. Contact lenses are an alternative to glasses when engaged in the sport, but players m... Read More »

How to Understand the Rules of Water Polo?

Water Polo is a very demanding team sport played in water. It is sometimes described as a combination of swimming, soccer, basketball, ice hockey, rugby and wrestling - and much of this action take... Read More »

How do I draw a water polo ball?

Draw a circle on a piece of paper. There are many brands of water polo balls; for these directions, the common Mikasa yellow ball is used as the example.Draw three rectangles within the circle, sta... Read More »