What equipment is used in alpine skiing?

Answer Alpine skiing requires fast turns and maneuvers, so proper equipment is important. You will need skis with sharp metal edges, reinforced plastic ski boots, ski bindings, ski poles, ski goggles, a s... Read More »

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What equipment is involved in skiing?

For a day on the ski slopes, you'll need: skis, ski boots, goggles, ski poles, ski bindings, sunglasses, helmet or hat, gloves or mittens, ski roof rack and proper ski clothing. Optional items incl... Read More »

What Is Used to Sterilize Lab Equipment?

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What equipment is used in judo?

The main piece of equipment that is used in judo is a well-padded mat. Judo practitioners do several throwing and grappling techniques that require a mat for safety. These martial artists also wear... Read More »

What equipment is used for baseball?

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