What equipment is needed to make a film?

Answer If you have a Mac, you can start out using the software included for editing: iMovie. But as you gain experience, you'll want to get something more professional like Final Cut Pro studio. You'll al... Read More »

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Equipment Needed to Make a Solar Panel?

As consumers become more aware of green technology and sustainable energy solutions, the demand for solar energy systems increases. You can retrofit a solar energy system into existing construction... Read More »

What equipment is needed to make my Internet wireless?

Wireless Internet, also known as Wi-Fi, simply requires a gateway to broadcast the existing broadband Internet connection. Frequently this gateway is in the form of a router broadcasting a signal ... Read More »

How to Transfer 8mm Film to Video Equipment?

Decades ago, it seemed as if everyone had an 8mm film camera. They were almost as common as today's video cameras. These cameras were predominantly used to record home movies, but were gradually ... Read More »

Equipment for Converting Audio Film to Digital?

Before the invention of the compact disk and DVD, audio and video were captured on a type of film that was mounted in cassettes. This film however could stretch, tear or crack with old age, destroy... Read More »