What equipment do you need to play volleyball?

Answer To play volleyball, you need a volleyball, a net, poles and stakes to hold the net in place and a way to mark the boundaries. If you are playing outdoors, a rope is best to mark the boundaries. If ... Read More »

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How to Play Volleyball?

In the market for a sport that requires a positive team relationship, communication skills, upper body strength, an unlawful amount of fun, quick reflexes, knee pads, and a net? Volleyball is defin... Read More »

How to Play Volleyball Like a Star?

No matter what, volleyball is the funnest sport in the world. And though it's fun watching the pros playing, we can't help but turn green with jealousy thinking "I want to be a star like them." Wit... Read More »

How to Dress to Play Volleyball?

If you want to be a serious volleyball player, or you already are, follow these steps so you can look good while playing your heart out!

How to Play Beach Volleyball?

Beach volleyball is played on a beach, or a sand court with teams of 2 players on each side of a net. It has become an Olympic sport, and it is played in the summer Olympic Games every 4 years. As ... Read More »