What equipment do you need for mountain climbing?

Answer On One Hand: Essential GearThere are a few items that will be used on most climbs. A helmet will protect against falling rocks. A harness, rope, and locking carabiner will protect against falling o... Read More »

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Tools Used for Mountain Climbing?

Mountain climbing involves reaching the peak of the mountain through dangerous tracks. Though not a competitive sport, mountain climbing offers a good workout because it improves flexibility, devel... Read More »

How to Care for Mountain Climbing Rope?

The rope is one of the most important tools for mountain climbing. Proper care and maintenance is necessary to ensure its functionality and efficiency. It is also important to replace ropes that ar... Read More »

What knot do I need to use for tree climbing?

Different knots are used to meet the needs of the tree climber. The figure of eight knot is great to use to connect your harness to the rope or to add a karabiner to the rope. The clove hitch knot... Read More »

Who should you turn to if you need help with equipment and design on your first pool if every company has given you different advice on brands and types of filters and pumps and lights and equipment?

Answer They are selling what works for them. Each company has a favorite pump or filter heater etc that is user and installer friendly. Some get special deals on equipment that is low grade. Chec... Read More »