What equipment do police officers carry on their duty belts?

Answer While the exact items kept on a police officer's duty belt varies by location, some items are common to almost all police officers. These are a gun, holster, extra ammunition, radio, handcuffs, bat... Read More »

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Can police officers drink on duty?

A police officer is technically on-duty 24/7, even when they're not on the clock. When they're on the clock, they wouldn't be permitted to drink, save perhaps for special functions, such as a polic... Read More »

Can police officers drink in public off duty?

Probably because army officers are allowed when off duty, so police officers should be able to as well. Added: As long as they don't do it in uniform, of course they can. They don't lose their civi... Read More »

How many police officers are in the USA Include all uniformed services with arrest Powers Secret Service Treasury Coast Guard Park Rangers State game agents Parole Officers etc?

What is the total number of police officers at the henderson, nc police department?

The police department in Henderson, North Carolina, employs 58 law enforcement officers in addition to nine nonofficer staff members, according to its website. The Henderson Police Department has b... Read More »