What enzyme is lacking to cause high blood pressure?

Answer On One Hand: Possible BenefitsThere are several classifications for the different types of enzymes that are said to improve overall health, including high blood pressure. Food enzymes fall into sev... Read More »

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What can cause sudden high blood pressure and tachycardia?

He should not be in the 120's if his resting heart rate is an athletic 55!!!Difficulty breathing (shortness) is a condition that is always serious (especially along with the other problems). It co... Read More »

Can low blood potassium cause high blood pressure?

The 41st annual American Society of Nephrology's meeting in Philadelphia in 2008 featured a study that dealt directly with low blood potassium and its relation to blood pressure.ConsiderationsAccor... Read More »

What could cause high systolic and low diastolic blood pressure in a young athletic man?

Need to know when the blood pressure was taken, under what circumstances, whether it was done with a calibrated machine, etc.One blood pressure reading is meaningless. A TREND of blood pressure rea... Read More »

What would be the cause of a fit and healthy person to have dangerously high blood pressure?

Hypertension (high blood pressure) is caused by chronic dehydration.In hypertension, 66% of water is lost from cells, 26% is lost from water volume held outside cells, and 8% is lost from water hel... Read More »