Im cooking dinner tonight, what else can i have with chips?

Answer How about Steak and horseradish (or ketchup) with chips...a classic!

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What fast food should i stop at tonight for dinner and what should i get from there that is EXTRA yummy?

Whatever makes you happy! After working all day, you deserve your favorite comfort food, whatever that may be. We all have one that is our personal favorite, so just let your instincts guide you. T... Read More »

Is anyone else thinking of Cindy Jordan tonight?

It is so sad. I just don't understand APs who don't keep their promises. The idea that someone would intentionally mislead someone knowing they never intended to keep their promises is awful. I ... Read More »

Is anybody else having trouble getting on facebook tonight?

Yes it is currently down.whenever this happens, check out these websites.…:)

Anyone else having trouble with google tonight?

I'm in Albuquerque and Google is out. Just to be sure, my provider is Qwest. Could it be a Qwest issue?