What else should I add to my vegan apple pie?

Answer Perhaps try using chopped apricots ;they taste great & won't turn to mush when baked :)

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What else should i make for a christmas Dinner?

gravy, pecan pie, green beans, yams:> peace.

What should I do about dental plaque (or something else) on my teeth?

Have your dentist clean it when you get your split tooth fixed. You've probably got a buildup of tartar, which is calcium residue left by shell-living bacteria. As they live and die, they make lay... Read More »

What should i do for my birthday , im done w/parties so what else is there?

How about going with your family to a dinner theater?Going to a sporting eventShooting hoops at the YGet a groups of friends and see a movie and have dinner togetherTag football with friends in fun

Soda spilled onto the keyboard of my Macbook Pro. :O It seems to be ok, but what else should I do for it now?

Try "spills on laptops" and "how to clean laptops" on YouTube. There are a few showing what and how, pomegranate or not.I've always heard that those are virtually or even literally waterproof, the... Read More »