What else is there to do on the internet?

Answer I've never left Yahoo Answers to find out. Is there more cool stuff out there?

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Which Internet Browser do you regard as best - Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla or Netscape or someone else?

Firefox! If you want email Thunderbird

Is there anyone else out there with 65K in student loan debt, as an undergraduate?

right here! more than half at 12% variable interest. oh yeah. i'm screwed BIG TIME. thanks sallie mae. douch bags

Is there anyone else out there that does not wear shoes in the house?

I read the results of a study once that said that, based on a scientific study of a random sample, the most prevalent item on the soles of shoes is feces. At first I didn't believe it, but think ab... Read More »

Is there anyone who else out there who thinks that Polish food is the best?

OMG! I love the stuff. My grandmother came here when she was 11 yrs old, she was the best cook ever. Ever have the creamcheese cookies filled with jelly? She used to make a cassorole out of pol... Read More »