What should i do for my birthday , im done w/parties so what else is there?

Answer How about going with your family to a dinner theater?Going to a sporting eventShooting hoops at the YGet a groups of friends and see a movie and have dinner togetherTag football with friends in fun

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My 2 year old daughter's breath smells horrible when she gets up, brushing don't help What else can be done!?

the fundamental cause of bad breath for most people is the whitish coating that covers the surface of the posterior portion of their tongue. More accurately, bad breath is caused by the bacteria th... Read More »

Has anyone else done anything a bit crazy due to pregnancy hormones?

hahaha hunni uv really made me giggle.well, im only 5weeks and on saturday i drove to the shops and back.... thats no different but i did:beep at 2 vans and tell 2 other drivers to go and f*ck off(... Read More »

Has anyone else ever done the same stupid thing?

yeah man, you pulled your trapezius muscle.i have done it several times, once i did it while driving, and i couldn't pull out into traffic because i couldn't look the other direction!!just try to s... Read More »

What's the funniest thing your baby has done to someone else?

Not my own little one, but my brother did something funny, well at least my parents thought it was funny. I was so excited when I found out a baby was going to be in the family because I was only ... Read More »