What else do slugs eat besides slugs?

Answer Slugs eat lots of things! They eat the tops of broccoli, lettuce, (a lot of lettuce) a little bit of apples. Things like that.

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What do I do about Slugs?

"Garden Guides"Garden Pests: Slugs and Snailsby Jackie CarrollSnails are capable of destroying a garden if given a chance, and the slightest touch from their cousin the slug sends shivers up an uns... Read More »

What do I feed leopard slugs?

I would definitely breed them and release them into my neighbors yards. I was always taught to share good fortune. If you have extras you could always take them to a garden center for release. T... Read More »

What keeps slugs away?

Slug pellets and hedgehogs but not together.

What is the difference between slugs & snails?

I don't see much of a difference between the two. They look basically identical. The slug goes along happily without the shell. I see them in my garden, all over my yard, on hiking trails, feast... Read More »