What else did William Shakespeare write besides plays?

Answer Besides writing comedies, tragedies and history plays, William Shakespeare wrote many poems. Shakespeare's poetry included at least 154 sonnets and other poems such as "A Lover's Complaint" and "Th... Read More »

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How to Write a Speech for Someone Else?

Writing a speech for someone else can be challenging. As a ghostwriter, you write secretly, with little-to-no acknowledgment of your work. Whether you ghostwrite for a professional career or choose... Read More »

Is anybody else appalled at the inability of people on this site to write a coherent sentence?

Since this is a public forum I have no objections; nor am I appalled. All members share the same right to be on here. The only thing I am appalled by is the lack of tolerance shown by some members ... Read More »

Anyone else offered a price on a phone bill and then charged something else?

If the service you had before was with your local phone company, call them and ask to switch back. Or if it was from some other company, call that company and ask to switch back.After you get every... Read More »

Possible to get infected with HIV/HEP or anything else, by sharp metal if someone else gets cut by it too?