What else could I make for dinner?

Answer You need some vegetables. Corn and rice are both starches. Have a nice big salad, some sliced tomatoes and onions with vinegarette, or some cooked veggies like cauliflower and broccoli. Your men... Read More »

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What else should i make for a christmas Dinner?

gravy, pecan pie, green beans, yams:> peace.

What could I make for dinner?

It's hard to make a healthy dinner with processed foods. They are very high in salt, fat, and calories which can't be removed from the food itself. Instead you should try to use actual cooking ingr... Read More »

What is somthing I could make for a romantic dinner with my wife?

Whatever her favorite is. For instance - My husband cooks stuffed chicken breast and it is heavenly. Very easy recipe, and the stuffing is stove top. But it's my favorite thing that he makes and... Read More »

Im cooking dinner tonight, what else can i have with chips?

How about Steak and horseradish (or ketchup) with chips...a classic!