What else comes from a guy other than sperm?

Answer Sperm is in the semen. And from the semen you could get all kinds of STD's if he has one.

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What else can I drink other than soymilk if I am vegan?

1. don't believe everything you read.2. try other forms of milks. i love almond breeze original unsweetend has more than double the amount of calcium than cows milk. They also make rice milk, oat m... Read More »

Other than loss, what else bothered you about growing up adopted?

For me, it was the lack of any mirror of my personality. I'm so different from my adoptive family. There is no one in my adoptive family (even the extended family) who shares my basic personality... Read More »

What else would feel just like fetal movement other than gas?

Answer I am 18 weeks pregnant and feel my baby on again off again. Mine feels like popcorn popping inside or like something flicking the inside of your lower abdomen right below you belly button. ... Read More »

Other than the pulley what else does a Whirlpool dryer belt have to go over when replacing?

Answer A place to start when dealing with dryer belts and understanding how they work is that they have to go around the drum of the dryer and around the pulley of the motor. The only additional th... Read More »