What else can i use for bad breath other then mouthwash, mints and toothpaste?

Answer bad breath comes from the bacteria in your mouth, and certain foods you garlic. If you are not eating smelly foods than you can assume it is from the plaque. You need to brush 2x a day a... Read More »

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What is the best breath mints avialable?

How to Make Dog Breath Mints?

One of the most common complaints by dog lovers and owners addresses the bad breath that many dogs have. With this unique three ingredient recipe, your dog's breath will go from drool to cool... li... Read More »

How do breath mints work?

Breath mints contain active ingredients that do not cure bad breath, but just mask it temporarily.IdentificationAlthough breath mints claim to use mint or cinnamon flavoring to help you cover up ba... Read More »

Types of Breath Mints?

In 1951, the American Chicle Co. introduced Clorets, the first gum designed to fight bad breath. Certs mints came out in 1956, and it was the first breath mint marketed in the United States. Before... Read More »