What else can i put in beef stew besides beef carrots and potato, and onion?

Answer Mix and match any of these:Barleysmall pastameatballsceleryturnipceleriaccabbageleeksrutabegaGuinnessred wineV8 or Bloody Mary mixMushrooms (last 15 minutes, or they get terribly waterloged)jalepen... Read More »

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Should beef be dredged in flour when making Beef Stew?

Answer 1:It adds thickness to the liquid and seems to coat everything if you like that kind of stew.Answer 2:I have been making stews for over 30yrs and I have never 'dredge' beef in flour. Just cu... Read More »

What is the very cheapest possible cut of beef money can buy (shin beef)(beef skirt)ect?

The cheapest cut of beef are those flank, shank, round and butt which is less than $2.00 a pound and even cheaper if on sale *

Chicken Stew or Beef stew Which do you like better?

I'll please take the beef, thank you, Scooter!

What to serve with Vegetable Beef Stew?

check this out my friend. I happen to be a great fan of beef stew. You take bisquick and make biscuits in the oven. And or you take bisquick and you make dumplings.You using a crock pot? [I hope]... Read More »