What else can I drink other than soymilk if I am vegan?

Answer 1. don't believe everything you read.2. try other forms of milks. i love almond breeze original unsweetend has more than double the amount of calcium than cows milk. They also make rice milk, oat m... Read More »

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Vegan butter: will cooking soymilk increase fat content?

You are still going to have to look for the fat level as always Just because they are vegan friendly it doesn't mean they are low in fat.Dune

Is it safe for men to drink soymilk?

Unless you drink insanely large amounts, it shouldn't affect you. As for those scaremongers, what about all the hormones in cows' milk? If you're worried, you can try rice milk, almond milk, or ... Read More »

Can i drink expired soymilk?

It depends.Is the soy milk unopened?The expiration date is the date that the store can no longer sell the product. Usually the product is good up to 2 weeks after the expiration date if unopened. J... Read More »

Is this soft drink vegan?