What else can I do for severe endometriosis read details!?

Answer A D&C is not a treatment for Endometriosis. Lupron, contraceptive therapies and other medical suppressives are stop gap measures only, as you have experienced. While there is no cure for Endometr... Read More »

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How do I remove pictures of of me on facebook if someone else put them on (read details for clarification)?

You can click "remove tag" on any tags that say your name, or that you tagged on your own pictures. This will remove them from "View pictures of ___" on your profile. This is only a short term solu... Read More »

What is the best satellite Internet (read details too)?

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What should I make for dinner (read details inside)?

Caesar Salad And Chicken Fettuccinni Alfredo

What is a radio tour Please read the additional details?

In general (not always exclusively) a radio tour is when an artist or band travels around the country, visiting radio stations along the way.Generally this is done for the purpose of interviews and... Read More »