What element is used in atomic clocks?

Answer NIST-F1, the United States' primary time and frequency standard, runs on the element cesium. The clock is said to be so accurate it will not lose or gain a second in more than 60 million years. Thi... Read More »

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What element is used in making atomic clocks?

The element cesium has been used in commercial clocks since 1958. That element is used in NIST-F1, the primary time and frequency standard for the United States. This atomic clock is located in Bou... Read More »

What element is used to regulate atomic clocks?

Caesium (chemical symbol Cs) is the element used to regulate atomic clocks. Caesium is a successful regulator because of its low melting point and its ability to remain liquid at room temperature. ... Read More »

How are atomic clocks used today?

According to the NASA science website, the invention and development of the atomic clock from the 1940s to the present day has created the most precise time keeping equipment available.HistoryThe f... Read More »

How Are Atomic Clocks Synchronized?

All North American atomic clocks are synchronized with the National Institute of Standards and Technology atomic clock radio station WWVB in Boulder, Colorado. Once the clock is set to a certain t... Read More »