What element is used as the anodic outer casting in flashlight batteries?

Answer The anodic outer casting or case of a flashlight or dry-cell battery is made of zinc. The case contains a gel that holds a cathode made of carbon. Electrons flow from the zinc anode to the carbon c... Read More »

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What Types of Measurements Are Used for Measuring in Outer Space?

Earth is nothing special, at least with respect to the laws of physics. Earth is just one place among many in space, and the same measurements made here can be made anywhere in the universe: inches... Read More »

What element is used in transistors?

Silicon is the element used most in transistors. Transistors have three sections: the emitter, the base and the collector. Each is made of silicon, but the base has an impurity added that imparts ... Read More »

What element is used in magnets?

There are many different elements used in magnets. Ferrite magnets contain the elements iron and oxygen, alnico magnets principally contain aluminum, nickel and chromium, and rare earth magnets con... Read More »

What element is used in photography?

Certainly more than one element is used in photography (and everything else too!). But silver is an important element in photography, although not so much now as in the past.