What element is in a tv?

Answer If you are talking about elements, the smallest thing that forms an atom, then it would be many elements consisting of metals and other types.

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Is it okay to nest a table in an inline element that is nested inside a block element?

Yes, just make sure you have a ice sculpture as the center piece...

In HOA what do common element and limited common element mean?

Read your governing documents for the particulars in your association, but generally: common element -- for the use and benefit of 100% of the owners pool, golf course, common roadway, landscape;li... Read More »

What does"your element"mean?

"Your element" is a place or situation where you feel at home. If you are "in your element," you are happy and comfortable. If you are "out of your element," you feel awkward, uncomfortable and out... Read More »

What is the element of Pi?

It depends...Apple usually. Though sometimes cherry or blueberry.