Which element has 12 protons?

Answer The element magnesium has 12 protons and 12 electrons. It is the only element with this number of protons. Classified as an alkaline earth metal, magnesium has the chemical symbol "Mg."References:C... Read More »

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How many protons are in the element aluminum?

The chemical element aluminum has 13 protons and electrons and 14 neutrons. Its atomic number is 13 and it has three known isotopes. Aluminum, which is obtained from bauxite, was discovered in 1825... Read More »

How many protons& electrons does element 59 have?

Element 59 is praseodymium (Pr), which is a lanthanide metal. It has 59 protons. In its neutral state, it has 59 electrons to balance out the protons. As an oxide, praseodymium has a charge of +3, ... Read More »

How many protons are in the element sodium?

The element sodium has 11 protons. Protons are found in the nucleus. Sodium is abbreviated Na on the Periodic Table, has an atomic number of 11 and was first discovered by Sir Humphrey Davy in 1807... Read More »

How many protons are in the element zinc?

The atomic number of an atom is the same as the number of protons it contains. Find the atomic number for zinc by locating its chemical symbol "Zn" on a periodic table. The atomic numbers for zinc ... Read More »