What electronic device or gadget would you miss the most?

Answer jj - lookin HOT!!!!!My blow up doll is a gadget right? Well just in case that isn't consider an "acceptable" answer I will have to say my Direct TV & the internet..if I had no more Direct TV (the b... Read More »

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If you could add one device or electronic feature to your baby, what would it be?

A translation system for those times that I can't quite figure out just what it is that he wants. And it would definitely have to have a robot voice: "I. Would. Like. A. Drink. Please. Mommy. Ha.... Read More »

What are the latest electronic gadget?

If you became blind;what would you miss seeing the most?

i would miss the toilet the most but then i miss it usually anyway

Adolescents: What user would you miss the most if they left Y!A?

Def Leppards Girl and Remy :PBQ: hell no, they can get the royal breakup! i don't got time for that