What effects do iPods have on hearing?

Answer The ubiquity of iPods has caused some researchers to question the threat to hearing posed by prolonged usage of iPods. In particular, the iPod ear bud which lodges directly into the ear canal has b... Read More »

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The Positive Effects of iPods?

The iPod, which has the capability to carry 1,000 tunes in a sleek design that can fit in the palm of your hand, is able to be utilized by athletes, students, professionals and anyone else who wish... Read More »

The Effects of Excessive Noise on Hearing?

It's a noisy world out there, and we are given one set of ears to deal with it. While it is a natural byproduct of aging to lose some hearing, many additional factors can affect hearing loss. The l... Read More »

The Effects of Hearing Aids on a Cardiac Pacemaker?

If you have had a cardiac pacemaker installed, it is possible that you may also wear a hearing aid, especially if you are elderly. Since both of these devices operate electronically, and a hearing ... Read More »

What are the side effects of this new "Beer and Boiled Eggs" diet I've been hearing so much about?

Spanish scientists have discovered it causes a condition called "Muchos Gassyass." You should avoid open flames.Enjoy your day!