What effects did Korean War have on American foreign policy?

Answer 1. Although America's main focus was still Europe, the USA made a commitment to a stronger presence in Europe. l August 30, 1951-An American military agreement with the Philippines reaffirmed Amer... Read More »

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What effects did the Korean war have on the us foreign policy with Asia?

What were the effects of the Spanish American War on US foreign policy?

AnswerI'm not sure if this is what your looking for but, I believe the U.S. had allowed the Panama People to become legal U.S. citizens. Only the Panama people were allowed this action.

What effects did the spanish American war have on us foreign policy?

An intermestic policy is one that concerns itself with both international and domestic affairs simultaneously.

What were the effects of the US neutrality laws of the 1930s on both American foreign policy and the international situation in Europe and East Asia?