What effects can you get by drinking undiluted squash regularly?

Answer can cause diarrhea and the high sugar content can cause diabetes

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Does drinking lemon squash give you a water infection?

Sounds like a myth. Im one of those idots that drink it straight out of the bottle cause its so sour, and nothings ever happened to me :L

Tight chest, coughing and wheezing after drinking certain makes of orange squash?

It's the preservative in the OJ. Sodium metabisulphite or Sodium/Potassium Sorbate will affect you.

What are the effects of drinking tibicos?

Tibicos are completely harmless to people, the organisms in the mix of bacteria and yeast are non-pathogenic. Typically the fermentations performed by these grains result in low alcohol drinks. Gin... Read More »

What are three effects on the heart from heavy drinking?

Consistent heavy drinking takes its toll on the body in many ways, but the long-term risks it presents to the heart include high blood pressure, stiffening of the arteries and enlargement of the he... Read More »