What effects can you get by drinking undiluted squash regularly?

Answer can cause diarrhea and the high sugar content can cause diabetes

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Does drinking lemon squash give you a water infection?

Sounds like a myth. Im one of those idots that drink it straight out of the bottle cause its so sour, and nothings ever happened to me :L

Tight chest, coughing and wheezing after drinking certain makes of orange squash?

It's the preservative in the OJ. Sodium metabisulphite or Sodium/Potassium Sorbate will affect you.

What are the effects of drinking tibicos?

Tibicos are completely harmless to people, the organisms in the mix of bacteria and yeast are non-pathogenic. Typically the fermentations performed by these grains result in low alcohol drinks. Gin... Read More »

What is the difference between summer squash&winter squash?

The main difference between winter and summer squash is the harvesting time. Summer squash is gathered in the summer months, while winter squash is gathered in the early fall months.Types of Winte... Read More »