What effects can illegal drugs whilst pregnant have on a baby?

Answer How about producing a child who goes into withdrawal as soon as it is born...for starters.

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Can your wife get pregnant if not ovulating My wife and I have been trying to have a baby for about 3 years now she got pregnant 3 times the last one was 3 months then baby died inside What to do?

If your wife is not ovulating she cannot get pregnant. To find out why you need to visit a medical practitioner.

Im 19 pregnant and want to keep the baby but the father does too many drugs you don't want a druggie to be the father of your baby what should you do?

Answer First pray that nothing is wrong with your child being that the dad does drugs what ever was in his systems is know going to be in the babys. You either get the father help or have him term... Read More »

Would you/have you ever tried illegal drugs?

I love smoking weed, I have tried cocaine and its a social drug that goes well with drinks, tried x befrore and I wasn't to impressed like the cocaine I thought it was going to have this huge effec... Read More »

Are legal drugs worst than illegal drugs?