What effect does the environment have on cancer prevention?

Answer There are a number of substances and environmental factors that studies show change DNA structure and cause cancer. Knowledge is the key to prevention.UV RadiationEpidemiological studies link the m... Read More »

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What Effect Does the Environment Have on Attitudes?

The study of environmental affects on a person's psyche exists in a branch of psychology known as environmental psychology. This type of psychology relates person's attitude, not only to the social... Read More »

How does ATBC help with cancer prevention?

On One Hand: Alpha-Tocopherol Thwarts CancerA study by the U.S. National Cancer Institute and the National Public Health Institute of Finlandof of 30,000 male smokers between 1985 and 1993 found th... Read More »

What are the existing programs, primary and secondary prevention for skin cancer in Australia?…

Is the prevention of cancer ethical?

On One Hand: Overcrowding, Questionable TreatmentPreventing cancer could contribute to already overpopulated earth. By letting more people live (562,000 die each year from cancer), we stretch earth... Read More »