What effect does smoking have on muscle growth?

Answer Muscle needs oxygen to grow and repair itself. Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen that is available to muscle during exercise, replacing it with carbon monoxide and inhibiting rebuilding of tiss... Read More »

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What effect does smoking have on kids?

Most people realize that smoking has a negative effect on children, but just what are the negative health effects of smoking on kids? Some of these effects have long-term health implications.Second... Read More »

What effect does smoking have on cholesterol?

Smoking is bad for your health for many well-known reasons. But one lesser-known reason is that it can have a negative effect on your cholesterol levels, which in turn can negatively impact your ov... Read More »

What Effect Does Smoking Cigarettes Have on a Person's Lungs?

Cigarette smoking is damaging to the lungs. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), nicotine is the most frequently used addictive drug. Further, 96 percent of lung cancer cases i... Read More »

Does music have an effect on plant growth?

I had heard years ago about studies purporting that plants responded better to classical music than they did to rock music. The reality is, however, that no noticeable effect has been recorded in g... Read More »