What effect does smoking have on kids?

Answer Most people realize that smoking has a negative effect on children, but just what are the negative health effects of smoking on kids? Some of these effects have long-term health implications.Second... Read More »

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Does smoking effect your looks?

It really ages people. Your skin will look grey, your fingers and teeth will go yellow and you will devlop bags around your eyes quicker than a non-smoker.

What effect do you think the smoking ban will have on the average pub?

More difficulty getting through the door due to smokers standing just outside!!

What effect does smoking have on cholesterol?

Smoking is bad for your health for many well-known reasons. But one lesser-known reason is that it can have a negative effect on your cholesterol levels, which in turn can negatively impact your ov... Read More »

How does smoking effect your physical appearance?

Everyone should be aware by now of all the health risks related to smoking, which should be enough to quit or never start. If that is not enough, consider the effects of smoking on your physical ap... Read More »